28 August 2007

Princess- buses, mountains and valleys?

The KING and I have been up to many things lately and that has slowed down my blog. School has started and the two I still have at home both started a new school. One in High School, and one in Middle School, so my new job started as well, I drive the bus for the same School District. I know why the LORD has me doing this now, and I have seen so many sad children in the last two days. So I am the annoying Bus lady that smiles and says goodmorning, and tells them to have a nice day, and asks them about their day when they get back on at the end of the day. I am surprised at the amount of children who positively respond. Today a HS student told me that her mother doesn't ask how her day was...but after a moment she was back telling me all about it. A woman who works with me, told me she recently lost her husband and moved to PA from Idaho, to just start life again...I invited her to Bible Study with the women's group. I think she will come. I am seriously a creature of habit! I like to get my laundry done twice a week and clean my house before the weekend, b/c I like to take the mad chill !! I have not been able to figure out a schedule yet that works and still gives me down time. Probably some chores should be done, awwwwwww but you all are so much fun, and so encouraging that I just want to visit with you!

The KING is teaching me to move each step with HIM, and that all my plans have to be ready for demolition if HIS are not the same. HE and I are working through the Outreach and the directions for it...I know with all my heart that HE has the plan that works, and the one that is best. Tam made a comment on the last post about always having a Mountain top experience. Man I want to buy that! But here is my thinking....I do think HIS presence is always with us, and sometimes it is more noticeable than other times. I just know that some experiences that I call "Mountian top" are better than any drug this world has to offer, and the if HE doesn't take me off the mountain I will surely OD!! I can not take that much of a Holy God in this earthly body, so I will look forward to having those moments, and understand that it is a taste of Heaven, and a little more motivation to keep fighting the good fight. This Christian walk is full of valleys and rough terrain, and those are the times that we grow in our faith. I do believe Tam and I are on the same page, and she helped me to realize I had not made the statement clearly.

Father God, Yaweh, Abba, My KING,
It is well with my soul! I am willing to take the rough roads, and the valleys knowing that they will lead me closer to you, and to my mountain tops with you. End result - I will live in the house of the LORD forever! I watched faces today that were touched by kindness (that was you), and I watched as you worked in my children. I love that you love that much, and that even our smallest details of our day, you orchestrate. Thank you for teaching me to dance with you, and as hard as the lessons are, I would not trade one of them! I adore you my KING! Thanking you for watching over me while I sleep, and singing over me when I follow. How great is my GOD! How awesome you are, and there is no other! Light a fire in me that will only cause others to want what I have-YOU! Your Princess who loves all that You are, and wants to continue to come closer!


Laurie said...

Hi Darla, It's me Laurie in California. I just read your post and I agree with you that the Lord has put you on that bus to send each kid off with a morning blessing from Him and to check in on them at the end of their day. Look at the number of kids He loves who He can love through one faithful person, YOU!!! Kids, especially sad ones need Hope in their day to make it through and trust me and the Lord, He is going to reach them through you. This is such an outreach in and of itself and it is no small thing to God. He is going to bless you and make your chill time all work out for you. You just keep on writing here and let us know how it is going. This blesses my heart big time to know these kids have the love of the Lord smiling at them each morning.
What a great way for them to start their day. God's going to work all of the other things on your heart in His perfect time. I just know it! ~*~Love and Hugs from California to you tonight~*~ Laurie
PS. Still praying for our Nicole to be protected completely, wherever she may be right now.

Gods Gal said...

I love you sweet sista...FC is a trip to say the least, I had to back off for awhile, my flesh was coming to the surface...ugh!!! I really love these people and want nothing more than to see them come to Christ. Helen is a believer, she'll be the first!!! Pray for them and I am so glad that I can come here and get renewed, and freshened....check out Tam's ocean scene!!!! Don't tell her, but I think she's wonderful....shhhhhh Loves to you and talk with ya soon!! Cyber smoochie!

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

LOVE THIS! You are such an encouragement and blessing! What an awesome area of OUTReach God has opened up for you here. I cannot wait to hear more about all that He does in and through you!
Blessings and love,

Tam said...

I could just see you on that bus greeting all the kiddos. I bet it shocks them Darla. Some of their responses that you shared made me cry. I used to teach elementary Behavior Learning Kids and it broke my heart daily to see their faces and witness their sad demeanor day after day.

Your prayer, I echo! I want to be ignited again and again. Scary request really - but worth it when it's all for Him!

The mountain top comment was not to correct what you had said friend - It was to remind me and anyone else needing it that our perspectives will often times see a valley when there is no valley in sight.

Love you! What a bright light you are..I see you from here!

lori said...

It is well with MY soul...loved the post and I laughed about the laundry and a clean house for the weekend!! Princess, you have a friend in me!!
You are doing God's work on that bus..blessing and allowing GOD to USE you...that is what we are called to do! Peace to you for that!
If we all would use the place where we are standing as our 'mission field' imagine the changes we together could make...
be blessed today and here's to a clean house for the weekend:)

Deborah said...

I love visiting with you your encouragement gives me such joy! love always your dolla from south africa

Gods Gal said...

Hi sweety, you know the Lord really spoke to me once about the mountain top. We have a hill behind our house and at the top you can look down on our little community of Eagle Point. I went up there one time, ok to get away from the kids etc. and just have some alone time with Him and had a little talk, ok whine, with Him. I told Him I just wanted to stay up with Him and in His pressence, and dang if He didn't say no. When I asked why, He said, cause that's where the people are. He showed me that it is good to be with Him on the mountain top, but alot of times He allows us into the valley to minister...as long as we're looking at others and not ourselves, we'll see them....

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Darla, what an impact you are making on those young people! God is using and will continue to use you on that bus. You are showing HIM to each one of those teenagers! I would say that once we are heaven, there will be a few "students" from your bus there saying "Hi! remember me, I rode your bus......" Talk about being on the mountain!

I get what you're saying about the valleys. I too wouldn't trade this time in the valley because I've seen so many new characteristics of my GOD! Things I had always heard other people say about Him but had never experienced. Now I have and I want more of HIM!

Thanking God for you and yours!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

This was said by my Music Pastor after I became a Christian, and talk about something I wouldn't have received then:

" Being on the mountaintop is wonderful, but the true blessings come when that person can come down that mountain walk in the valley."

I never forgot that word:)

thouartloosed said...

Hi Darla,
I think a bus driver is kinda like a mom in a way- you set the tone for the whole group. If you are smiling and encouraging, the kids are happier. You are so perfectly suited to do both. I know the Lord is going to show you when housework time is best-He knows you want to get it done.

Princess L/Princess K

Princess L and her Knight