20 January 2008

Update on move

Okay it didn't work so well sharing a blog with HUBS, as I am a blog hog! LOL but that is okay he has made a new blog http://praise365.wordpress.com visit him and welcome him to blogsville! I am at http://4evrhis.wordpress.com still the same princess heart, and desiring more of Jesus and more hunger for HIS word, and just to know HIM more. So stop in and don't just be a lurker, jump in and give me your thoughts!!! Love you all sooooo much!!!

03 September 2007

movin' in w/hubs! LOL

It's about time huh? After living together for 15 years and being married for 11 years, we decided to combine efforts. Well livin together has not been enough...we decided to share a blog, and use it as something we can do together. You know the "family who plays together stays together"! And you thought it was only "prays together". :>) I haven't figured it all out yet, and as in everything else in my life..I am on a journey. So come check us out at http://4evrhis.wordpress.com/ and the new blog title is Overcomer. hope to get it working and see you all there soon. Love always, the Princess, and the worship leader

30 August 2007

Princess, God is everywhere!!

I have finished my first week as "Miss", "Lady", "Busdriver", and "D12" (dispatch calls me by my bus number). Just want to share how very sweet Jesus is..I know that most of you know, but for a moment I want to try to let you see HIM through my eyes.

God has been taken out of the schools, and children are no longer encouraged to believe in HIM, and HE shouldn't be mentioned. I have been amazed at how HE can work with that! There is mothers group who prays regularly together, for the schools that thier children are in...The children in Middles school and High School have started a Bible study/ prayer group, and the school had to let them as it falls under interest, and/or clubs...freedom of religion and all that political correctness we are forced to look at. So I have been thrilled at what has been happening with our children. We live in a fairly small community, both groups have an attendance of about 30-40 kids each week. Praise you Jesus!

At the bus company I have found about 30% of the drivers are Christian, and are reaching out to the children before and after school. I had to laugh this morning while I thought of this. Driving into the sunrise, praising God...and then just laughing! That is just like HIM -- tell HIM HE can't come in! The nerve of humans telling an almighty God what HE can do. He is surrounding it with HIMself in drivers, and infiltrating it with kids who are so anointed by the Spirit, and who have a boldness. They look out for each other, and give one another a smile, and companionship in a place where they normally would be alone. God is incredible!!

Today....I looked through my mirrors as always, and asked the LORD to just look after these children today, and not let one of them leave this planet without HIM. My heart just started to break for the ones with sadness and anger first thing in the morning. One of my five year olds who is near tears everyday...smiled today, and it was huge! I told her I have waited all week to see that! Don't you dare make we wait next week to see it again. She stopped on her way out of the bus and gave me a hug...she whispered "thanks for not letting the bad people get me"... My reply was simple.."I would not let them get you, are you out of your everlovin little mind!!..." she laughed, and I just said keep the beautiful smile going..and off she went. The HS girl I told you about, asked today if she looked nice..and she did. Today was her picture day, and she didn't feel very pretty. I told her "you may not feel pretty but sweeti you are drop dead gorgeous! You better have a talk to your feelings and tell them to get in line!" She left with a smile today too. Thank you Jesus! Do you love HIM so?? I am so crazy about HIM! HE just wipes little ones tears, and babies scared of the bad people, and teenagers who have no self esteem-He gives them a happy heart, and smile of confidence. I know HE pursues them just like me...I pray that they will let HIM catch them, and become all that HE has planned for them!

Been working on some other outreach things for the church, and getting things lined up to begin taking others with me in moving through the nieghorhood. All my apprehension is gone, and I just hear HIM (spiritual ears of course), they are going to come, I will bring them. You know, I am believing HIM!

Sorry I haven't gotten my pics from RI on yet...new pc, running Vista...and some of my programs are not working properly...so back to troubleshooting, and seeking out more drivers to work with Vista...so hopefully sometime this weekend!

Princess, God is everywhere! Let that settle on you for a minute...we sometimes quote scripture about HIM hemming us in..but make it personal, and try to visualize what that must look like..and dance...let no fear stop you, dream BIG, love like you were created for, sing even if it sounds terrible to you (it sounds beautiful to HIM), show tenderness and kindness it goes so much further than preaching "your all going to hell". Pray to see strangers around you through the eyes of Jesus. Ask HIM to break your heart over things that break HIS. Join us in the Dance! Yes somethings are difficult, but never too difficult for my GOD..after all HE got kicked out of school, and just created another way in...and now HE is more of a fixture than before. Don't you just love how HE always gets the last word! I do!! Princess HE will never send you out on a limb that HE will not climb out there beside you..HE loves you so much HE died for you, because HE didn't want to face eternity without you! Thats personal! Princess to Princess :)

28 August 2007

Princess- buses, mountains and valleys?

The KING and I have been up to many things lately and that has slowed down my blog. School has started and the two I still have at home both started a new school. One in High School, and one in Middle School, so my new job started as well, I drive the bus for the same School District. I know why the LORD has me doing this now, and I have seen so many sad children in the last two days. So I am the annoying Bus lady that smiles and says goodmorning, and tells them to have a nice day, and asks them about their day when they get back on at the end of the day. I am surprised at the amount of children who positively respond. Today a HS student told me that her mother doesn't ask how her day was...but after a moment she was back telling me all about it. A woman who works with me, told me she recently lost her husband and moved to PA from Idaho, to just start life again...I invited her to Bible Study with the women's group. I think she will come. I am seriously a creature of habit! I like to get my laundry done twice a week and clean my house before the weekend, b/c I like to take the mad chill !! I have not been able to figure out a schedule yet that works and still gives me down time. Probably some chores should be done, awwwwwww but you all are so much fun, and so encouraging that I just want to visit with you!

The KING is teaching me to move each step with HIM, and that all my plans have to be ready for demolition if HIS are not the same. HE and I are working through the Outreach and the directions for it...I know with all my heart that HE has the plan that works, and the one that is best. Tam made a comment on the last post about always having a Mountain top experience. Man I want to buy that! But here is my thinking....I do think HIS presence is always with us, and sometimes it is more noticeable than other times. I just know that some experiences that I call "Mountian top" are better than any drug this world has to offer, and the if HE doesn't take me off the mountain I will surely OD!! I can not take that much of a Holy God in this earthly body, so I will look forward to having those moments, and understand that it is a taste of Heaven, and a little more motivation to keep fighting the good fight. This Christian walk is full of valleys and rough terrain, and those are the times that we grow in our faith. I do believe Tam and I are on the same page, and she helped me to realize I had not made the statement clearly.

Father God, Yaweh, Abba, My KING,
It is well with my soul! I am willing to take the rough roads, and the valleys knowing that they will lead me closer to you, and to my mountain tops with you. End result - I will live in the house of the LORD forever! I watched faces today that were touched by kindness (that was you), and I watched as you worked in my children. I love that you love that much, and that even our smallest details of our day, you orchestrate. Thank you for teaching me to dance with you, and as hard as the lessons are, I would not trade one of them! I adore you my KING! Thanking you for watching over me while I sleep, and singing over me when I follow. How great is my GOD! How awesome you are, and there is no other! Light a fire in me that will only cause others to want what I have-YOU! Your Princess who loves all that You are, and wants to continue to come closer!

Princess L/Princess K

Princess L and her Knight