31 July 2007

Princess, is your Royalty showing?

Sometimes we try so hard to fit into this world, and even look for approval from people, when all we really need to do is show our Royalty!
Phil. 4:20-says that our citizenship is in Heaven-Heaven is our home!
I Peter 2:9-11-says that we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation of people belonging to God! , Aliens and strangers in this world! Along with it comes a warning--do not give in to worldly sinful desires, they will wage war with your soul!

While thinking about this, and how often we fall to subtle things that work their way in to our minds, I have been praying about how..HOW..do we keep those things from happening, or Discernment is needed to be stronger to identify them when they do get in! HE, the King, has reminded me to think about things are praiseworthy, and excellent, and good...mmmmm after pondering these things again...the King is the only one Praise worthy, excellent and good!! Focus on the Lord, and anything that does not stand up to HIS standards disregard!

Spreading the knowledge of Christ to others is a pleasant smell to the Lord...as we do this we are to God the aroma of Jesus...(2Cor. 2:15). There is no better way to show our royalty than to be sanctified and to strive to step up our sanctification...meaning in the light of the fact, that the King lives with us, we are doing nothing that will hinder HIS presence, no language that would offend our King, no music or TV that I would not be comfortable knowing that Jesus is with me. That is guarding my mind, and my heart.

Sanctification=letting your royalty show, an aroma pleasant to the nose of the KING=spreading HIS gospel and making HIM known.

Princess, lets strive today to show off our royalty, and smell good too!!!!

Word of Life-Open Air Evangelism

I recieved some comments and emails and would like to explain further what Word of Life is doing in the streets of a Big City like New York. I love their view of the GreatCommission (Matt. 28:18-20). Open Air is set up with teams to cover the streets and extend Jesus to the lost, knowing that only God changes a heart, and will not see all come to salvation, but knowing that sometimes we are the ones who plant seeds. The ones who do make a confession of faith, and accept our awesome God as their own, are taken care of. Word of Life has a team set up that works through Correspondence-Bible Studies with them, helps them to be taken in by a Bible believing church, nurtured and baptised and trained in how to disciple others. It is really a beautiful thing that God is doing in NY. Open Air teams paint pictures as they tell the Gospel, they do a rope trick that tells the gospel, and just take time to talk to someone who has questions. They are not in a hurry, they are there for the people and sent by God. Very very intense! Youth groups can participate in this for a week or however long they may want to...check out www.wol.org The teens are trained while they are there, and stay with a team member who is doing this. They even find a place for your team to sleep.

If you are interested, pray about it, and let Word of Life know! Blessings!

28 July 2007


God's and my Princess!! Princess K, 15 years old...I believe HE does smile on her, and we both believe God laughs! Enjoy her first blog entry! I know I did! love me, Princess to Princess!

New York Missions Trip!!!!

Hello Ladies!!! I have heard so much about you! I just wanted to start off first by saying thanks to every one who was covering me with their prayers while i was in New York City on a missions trip. It was an absolute BLAST!!!!! So were to start....hmmmmm! lol....well Ill start on Monday! OK on Monday we left early in the morning and it was like....really early! We got to NYC at like....my guess is 1pm at the latest. When we got there we had training that really only prepared us for what we were going out there to do...and what our purpose was when we were up there. Well most people probably didn't see the point in it.....but I thought it was really cool what Sam Fry was saying. ( OK I am just going to stop for a second and tell You who Sam Fry is. Sam is the missionary in NYC and he was going to be taking us around to the neediest parts of NYC. Alright back to Monday!) Now One of the things that really caught my attention was when he said this will be one of the hardest weeks of your life....only beause you are out in the devils territory furthering the kingdom of Heaven! When I heard that....It totally blew the socks off my feet! But it was because he was right!! We had sessions like that until like 9pm . And yes we had curfews.....for the girls and the boys it was 11pm, but for the girls....well you know how we are when we are all cramed in two small rooms hyped on GOD...We sometimes didnt go to sleep til like 1 in the morning...lol!!! But then Tuesday came around and yea we were all dog tired, ha the adults had no clue how late we were all up till! And to this day still don't..hahaha!!! But any way on Tuesday we got up early and all only had 5 mins in the shower.....(we were timed) yes,I took a 5 min shower...very hard and would not recomend it!! But we had breakfast at 8 and our devotions were after that. Now we had a Book we would write in and it had devotions made up for us. But I think it was Tuesday that I did my own out of my Bible...It was during these times of the day that I learned the most. And many times it was hard enough to get my focus where it needed to be....but one of the things I learned during this time was that if you dont get some kind of attack from the enemy well then you are not really on track with GOD! That was One of the main things GOD was showing me in the course of that week. Well today was our first day doing the open air evangelism on the streets of NYC. I was so siked!!!!!! this was the first time I have ever done anything like this!! Well we started to walk and did some of the subway!! (I'll tell you more about the subway later) We finally had reached the two corners we were going to be stationed at. One of the corners were in the shade....and the corner I was in was no shade, I was told that it was 103 in the sun! Can you say sweaty with a smile for Jesus!!! Even though it was HOT, God still was preparing hearts. We were handing out these tracks that were labled Heaven or Hell?....were are you going? Quiz. and on the inside it had verses that backed up what it meant to go to heaven, and verses to back up what would not get in to heaven. The tracks were a big success in most of the day. But i was just happy that some one was going to recieve the gospel through accepting what i wanted to give them!!! I think in an average that day i gave out over 45 tracks to people!! Although it was my hand extending out to give them the good news.....it was God who was going to make the diference in there life..not me. well the day was almost done and I had heard all my friends saying how they had led some one to the lord.....and some had led as many as 3 people! Now I was happy for my friends but i started to ask GOD, how come i cant do that, I mean I am trying but how comes the doors not open yet? I was asking this all week pretty much...but GOD was probably just laughing cuzz he had something else in mind for me later! But I did get some what discouraged for a little bit...but God always knew just how to make me feel better!! But latter that night I was reminded that GODs word does not go out void!!! AND THAT IS SO AWSOME!!! Now we are on to Wednesday!! Well wednesday was not as hot...but it was still hot. We started off with breakfast and then devotions and then we started our day from there. Now today we went on the Subway and it was a long journey on there....like half way through New York on the subway!! And so I was standing waiting for us to get to were we needed to be and i heard this really deep deep voice coming throught the aisle. But when i looked it was a very tall, large man walking through asking for some money. he was homeless. and around his neck was a string linked to some cardboard that said something like this......"I am Hopeless and hungery"....yes, I had to read it twice I had no clue what i should have done....but than i tryed to think what would jesus do. But i really wasnt sure what he would have done. So that day i prayed about it and then i asked my mom on the cell....what should i have done about that.....she had told me that jesus would have fed him....And you know what i thought....She is so right. But i had no food with me and i am not GOD. but i was also told that most people who are homeless choose to be that way! I will never forget that man....but i will also never stop praying for him. But that totally opened my eyes for the rest of the week! He is not the only one in new york or in the world who is Hopeless....there are so many out there who are, and its our job to go after them and spread the word of GOD to them no matter what!!!!!! So On towards the rest of the day we were handing out more tracks and I had come across a man who looked to be about 21 years old and when i went up to give him a track i asked him if he believed in God Or Jesus. And his reply was well....he crumbled it up and then threw it right in front of me as i was standing with him. well i looked at the man and smiled and said Have a nice day and waved goodbye to him! so after that i was convinced that the devil was just mad and needed to blow some steam. yea I was a little upset about that but i decided to not let that get to me. That was when i walked a little more around the corner and i had this man ask me what it was i was giving out after i had asked him if he wanted one and i said that it was about Jesus...and how he is the only way to heaven and with out him life pretty much stinks. And he looked at me and said..."I dont believe in Jesus, and i never will!" and he rejected the track. Ok by now i am so upset i walk over to Sam and he asks me how its going and i told him straight out it is not going well. So i told him what the to men told me or did and he said that its not you they just rejected its GOD! So That was pretty much what happened on Wednesday. Thursday, we did the same thing as we did all week.....only today during my devotions all i did was pray. I pretty much was asking GOD why am i not doing good at this.....why is it so hard for me and so easy for everyone else? Well he definitely answered me by telling me what he has been saying....its only hard because you are doing something to further the Kingdom of GOD and The devil wants to plainly knock you out...But then he reminded me with HIS sweet touch....that if you are for me who can be against you!!!! Totaly awesome!!!!! As always!!!!! So now we are on our last day in the Queens (name of where we were) and we were out in the shade again for our last time. I was so pumped and excited i couldnt help but smile constantly!!!! haha! ok so i was standing on the corner of the one block and i saw these two girls who looked to be about 18 or 19. and i walked up to them and sat down beside them and started talking to them. after talking for a little, the one girl started to smoke and that was when i said to them both do you want to take a survey? and they were both like sure. so i gave it to them and the one girl looked at me and she said she was raised catholic and she was not really interested in GOD at the moment....but the other one did, so i popped the question and i asked them do you want to have a savior? Well the one girl Anna was her name, she said "yes i do.....i just dont know how to get to him!" and that made me so happy inside! so I began asking her questions and we talked for a while and she just kept on opening up to me like she had known me for a long time. so before we prayed together she said "why did GOD make me bi-polar?" and i told her that God made you in his image and he made you fearfully and wounderfully ....he calls you a princess and he loves you so so so very much! but in the end she accepted the lord as her savior!! At that point GOD had said to me really loud that she was the one he sent me for!!!! I am very thankfull For all that he had taught me in that week! And I am glad to have been able to share it with you all. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! Love in christ-princess K

25 July 2007

Vacation (part1)

God is always good, but HE somehow out does HIM self on vacation! Our place is the best we have ever had, and all my children are with me for the first time in 6 years!! Not only are they all here, they really are loving on each other, and I did ask them if they were feeling okay? :-) My son-in-love is with us, and we are happy to have him...they are just too cute!

Our first day on the beach...
It is not unusual to see dolphins here in OC maryland...but it is unusual to see them right in the breakers near the swimmers! Princess K let us know that "something big is in the water"...and then we did step back to see... one of the dolphins came close enough for us to see his very cute face and show off a little for us. We were all ecstatic to see them so close...but no one as much as Princess K!! She just squealed and was louder than the surf..."That is so God!!! Look what HE made and HE wants us to see it!!" Needless to say the people around us got Jesus on the beach, and if they didn't get any other message...they got that they were enjoying God's creation!

My family has a huge answer to prayer, and we are celebrating the goodness of the Lord. My Princess L has started to go to church regularly and has come home to the Lord, and she has brought her knight with her...there will be a church wedding in May 2008!!! Thank you Jesus for bringing her back to YOU. Her and I have been through so much together, and I can not tell you the joy I get from her smile..unexplainable! All my children give me great joy,but that one has been my Isaac more than once...and this was the time I just laid her on HIS altar, don't think I didn't plead with HIM for her, I have! But ultimately, I submitted to HIS will, and I just believe HE is good.

Princess K will soon be leaving something on my blog, as she wants to share with all her trip to NY, and open air with Word of Life. I am not going to steal her thunder...you will just have to wait for it.

Computers have never been allowed on vacation before in my family, but my son-in-love needs to check in with his work, and Scott needs to check in with the band (playing Saturday), and if they are allowed...then I am allowed to check in on my Siestas, sistas, and Dollas!!!

Keep praying for my family (me too) as we are here, there is way too much world to fall into! love ya, Me

21 July 2007

Princess, it's time to rest!

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 (NASB)

Service to the King can at times become overwhelming, and that is my own fault. Sometimes I just don't take the time to re-evaluate my situations, and ask HIM to carry it. I almost always come to this point in my everyday life that I wonder why this is too heavy when Jesus said it was light? Jesus did not lie, and there is not special trick to understanding what HE said. So the only other explaination I can come to is -- I have not come to HIM with the burden, or I would have the rest I need, somewhere along the road I travel I have picked up a different yoke! So I question myself:
1. Am I still learning from Jesus? or has someone or something taken over my thought process?
2. Am I showing signs of becoming more like HIM in the sense of being gentle and humble of heart??
3. Am I doing good things, but maybe not called to it??
4. Is Jesus still on the throne in my life??
5. Is there peace in my soul, and is there rest?

Along with a lot of other women, repentance is in order for not saying "no" to good things. God created us in HIS image but by no means are we God. Then there is also the spiritual battles that totally wear us down. We do need to rest, and focus on the LORD, and how very awesome HE is.

Father God, you know this princess' heart and you know that I want to be exactly where you are, joining you in YOUR work. Help me to walk closely to you and to make no decisions on my own. YOU alone know what is best for me. Thank you for calling us away to be with you, to sit at your feet, to hear your voice, and to admire your creation. Only YOU can pull that together, and you are so good to us. Thank you for providing vacation, and for allowing all my children to be there. I believe with all my heart this will be the best vacation, and you are working in each of our hearts. Anxiously waiting to rest and be with YOU! your Princess

Princess Siestas, Dollas, Don't carry anything that Jesus doesn't give to you, it will be just heavy, and your KING doesn't want that for you. Pick up a copy of "Come Away my Beloved", and fall in love with your Creator..HE is everything we want, and we need, and then HE always goes beyond that to just thrilling our souls!

19 July 2007

Following with Reckless Abandon

In the past I have drilled my children on the evils of the internet. About 18 months ago, the internet almost destroyed my family. The Grace of God saved us. In my early quiet time with the LORD, HE spoke to my heart and was very clear to me. HE said "Do not compromise Me, and do not compromise your family". At first I was very upset because I was not in the wrong this time, and I did not feel that I was compromising HIM at all. But very soon in a matter of hours, I was confronted with a nightmare that I was not ready for, and all that I had to hold on to was those words that still were ringing in my ears..."Do not compromise ME, and do not compromise your family". The LORD filled me with wisdom and strength to make some very tough decisions, and to choose to believe God, and trust HIM to know the best way, and to know the outcome. HE caused me to look into HIS face and KNOW that HE has everything in control. In my eyes everything was out of control, at least out of my control.

This was a very hard testing of my faith, and my love for Jesus. The outcome is that all worked out to HIS glory, and the enemy was defeated. I know he will be back and try again, but I know my God is big enough, and powerful enough, and knows the way.

"Do not compromise ME..." I have thought much about this phrase...and I now know why the writer of Psalm 119, continued to love God's laws, and ordinances, and repeated it over and over. Decisions need to made with scripture, and it doesn't fail. Alot of times it is very much against our grain and who we are...but the LORD has promised that whoever asks for wisdom will recieve it (James 1:5). In one of the most devastating times of my life, HE held me while I slept, and woke me in the morning with a new song on my lips, and filled me with joy that was unspeakable. Choosing HIS way is not natural but it is the choice to make. I don't know how HE does it, but once I make the choice for HIM and HIS way, things just start to fall into place, and HE fills me with the peace I need to move through each day. God is incredibly Good!!!

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth , and the Life"...(John 14:6)
I am no theologian, but this speaks to my heart everytime I sense confusion. Jesus knows the way, because HE is the Way, there is not a shadow of darkness in HIM at all because HE is the Truth, and I am not even able to take a breath of air into me, unless He gives it to me. Yeah, there are some deeper ways to look at this verse, but I think we need to be simple first.

"Blogsville" is awesome, God is answering my prayer along with many others who have been hit by the enemy on the internet, HE is taking this thing for Glory...with our many testimonies to HIS goodness, HIS love, HIS forgiveness, HIS strength, HIS Word! Thank you my sisters in Christ, you encourage my heart, and help me to know that HE has given us each other to walk this very long road together. Helping each other up when we fall, singing and dancing, crying and praying together. (Proverbs 27:17)

Yes we have an enemy, and he is strong and he is angry, and since he can't take on our Dad, he tries to get to us. Our DAD has already marked the calendar in the heavenlies for the day when the enemy will be locked away for ever in a pit of fire...like all other prophesy in the Bible, this will happen! Our DAD rocks!, Rules! Reigns!!

14 July 2007

Letter to my KING

My KING, my secret keeper, my strength, and my refuge,

How I bow to your Holiness, You hold everything in your hand and still know the smallest detail of each and every one. Your majesty and beauty are breath taking, and there is none like you.
Forgive me for being overwhelmed and taking my eyes off you, and being so slow in remembering why I am sinking in this sea of life. your word says that as we confess our sin to you, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sin. Thankyou.

Today will be filled with more than I can do and I know that your strength again is my hope. I can do all things through you, and when I get tired and frustrated, you pick me up and help me to soar on wings like eagles. So again I give you this day, and pray to remember that you are in control of all things, and you have not forgotten not even one of your children. You know the plan you have for me. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Father I am burdened for the lost, and I know that all will not accept you, and allow you to right the wrongs in thier lives. But how that must break your heart when you continue to show yourself to them and they reject you, how you continue to throw them life boats, and they choose to drown. Thank you for letting me see this through your eyes, my feeling rejection and hitting the wall is nothing compared to what my Precious King is dealing with, and you have pure motives all the time.

As the world throws its distractions at me today, please help me to stay on the road you have laid out for me, that I will not turn to the right or the left, and my eyes will stay on you, the author and perfecter of my faith. How I thank you for giving me your son, and the reminder this morning of how your heart must have felt yet you did it for me and all of human-kind. So today I lay my children in you trustworthy hands, and pray for you to bring them up to be like you. Thank you for taking my sin away as far as the east is from the west.

Sweet King, my desire is to please you today, and bless your heart, and cause you to smile at me. Seeking your face and not only your hand. you are worthy of all my praise...(always in Jesus precious name), your Princess

13 July 2007

Treasure given by the KING are to be shared!

This has been a very hard week, mostly just alot of things going on at once, and me out of my comfort zone in more than one area. I will try to break it down....

As I have been struggling with the fact that the LORD wants me to have a CDL, and My stepfather has clots in his lungs, my mom doesnt drive, my Princess Lace is making wedding plans, my Princess Katrina is in NY witnessing to people in Times Square, and my Knight Derek hated camp this year, and I am still hearing about it after 2 weeks! Precious Chica nicole needs Jesus...I am so exhausted. So today I was reminded that God has a plan, and it is okay that I do not know it or understand it. Thanking HIM that HE carries me when I can not see straight, drives the car home late at night, gives me smile for the little ones I care for. God really is good, and I have no idea how anyone can walk through this world without HIM.

As the Father and I spoke through out this day...HE reminded me of a box I put away, and that I really needed to get it out and refresh my mind in order to have strength for this day, and a focus that would be firm. What a treasure! The box is filled with all my notes, and quotes from Godly writers, and a very defined list of verses who tell me what and who HE is and what HE is capable of...I delight in these things. Also it has a study that I put together on Prayer, and the layout for a book a never wrote. Some how my mind has been convinced that these are my treasures from the KING, and they are. Each one was a lesson HIM and I went through in the middle of the night, early in the morning, and before I slept for many years. Each one bringing me closer to HIM, and falling in love with my Creator. Some of the lessons I have shared with the girls at the ChristianRehab, and some with the women at church.

These are not just my treasures, these are letters from KING, and they belong to everyone. I asked my Pastor if HE could locate a book for me that would compile my list in one cover...and he very softly and seriously said...It hasn't been written yet.

I don't know the first thing about writing a book, I am not even sure HE wants me to write it, maybe HE wants me to pass it on to someone already prepared to do this. Waiting on HIM for instruction, and asking forgiveness for wanting to keep some of the treasure for myself. Something vulnerable happens to me when I open that box...maybe just over my head...living beyond myself...

Thanking God for all my sisters in Blogville, and thanking HIM for showing me the body of Christ just as I thought it would be. I have asked HIM to see it, and my eyes have been opened.
One more step in being an overcomer, Princess in service to her KING.

How much do you know about your Sistas?

I was tagged with this by a beautiful diva princess...and now I am passing this on..let's have fun and just get to know each other!

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes, friend of my dad
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? last night, probably again tonight
4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Don’t like lunch meats
5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Yes 3 plus a new son in love to be!
7. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? Absolutely!, sometimes more than I should..working on that.
9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? when I was younger - yes, now i would probably just hurt myself!
12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? I can take care of myself if I had to, but not like the strongest person I know, strong in Jesus.
13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Mango ice with softserve vanilla icecream.
14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? Eyes, they truly are a window to the soul.
15. RED OR PINK? Pink wonderful pretty pink, hot pink, soft pink.(no red please I will look like Bob the tomato).
16. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? some days I take on more than I can possibly do, and make myself cray trying to accomplish it!
17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? Princess Katrina, who is in NY on a missions trip.
19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? Blue jeans, no shoes! haha don't wear them unless I have to.
20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Dinner-hubby cooked on the grill, steak, and potato wedges, diet coke with splenda (we do not eat steak on the grill very often)
21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? CeCe winans Throne Room, and Sheba whining...or maybe she is trying to sing to her creator too!
23. FAVORITE SMELLS? Princess Lace, always smells like a princess, roses when they barely open.
25. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? I do, she is so very much my sister Princess dolla! http://deborah-encouragment.blogspot.com/
26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Hockey if Princess Katrina is playing, and football if my little Knight Derek is playing.
27. HAIR COLOR? Dark Brown with strong red highlight
28. EYE COLOR? dark brown
29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? no, but I do where glasses..haha bi-focal but hidden lines..(i am not that old yet!)
30. FAVORITE FOOD? Italian, tex-mex
32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Over the Hedge
33. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? lavendar french cut Tee
35. HUGS OR KISSES? Both and lots of them please
39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? Andrew Murray- Wings like eagles
40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? laptop, and not sure if I can apply anything to that little thing.
42. FAVORITE SOUND? Children’s laughter, lucky my cat purring, Haley Sue my huskey talking to me (she is very vocal!, no idea what she is talking about but she has a lot to say!)
43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? I used to like both..thank you Jesus for saving me from myself!
45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I can talk for hours and not say a thing!
48. FAVORITE HOBBY? Reading, dreaming (haha), writing
50. IF YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW, WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE? NEW YORK!!!!, doing outreach with katrina...or canada looking for Nicole, or KWA ZULU Natal (don't know where that is) meeting my dolla Deborah! (I think I said to many..oh well its my blog and I will write as many as I want...LOL)

If you are reading this, then you are tagged! Love you Sistas, dollas, Princess's!

10 July 2007

Abba and HIS Princess

As I recently read a dear sister and sisters recount beautiful memories with their daddys, I needed to really come to my Heavenly Father, and ask HIM to fill me again in this area. I don't have stories to tell of a biological father that are worth telling, and sometimes the enemy just likes to jab at me there...But knowing to run to the True Father, that is what I did.

Many years of learning and applying the Word, and Grace beyond measure...I learned and still learn what a beautiful thing it is to have a Heavenly Father. HE provides all things for me, is patient beyond words. I am so honored to call HIM Abba, and know how very precious I am to HIM. The enemy would have liked me to disappear in my grief over past experiences, but I am not. I am holding on to the Truth. These are some things about my Abba that makes HIM priceless to me (beyond my salvation being first).

1. No matter what time of night, if a nightmare or thunderstorm shakes me, HE is there warm and safe, and reminding me that HE will sing over me while I sleep...HE is the watchman.

2. If loneliness sets in on me...HE makes me smile when HE reminds me HE would love to have a conversation, and He will snuggle up and fill my home. HE likes the amusement park too!

3. When the world gets to be more than I can stand...HE takes me to HIMself and we dance...did you know that "Turn your eyes upon Jesus" is a waltz? Close your eyes and sing it and dance with Jesus..it truly does make "the things of this world grow strangely dim, in the light of HIS glory and grace".

4. There is nothing to hard for my Abba, HE can absoutely do anything, fix anything, and prepare anything! Right now HE prepares a place for me to live with HIM forever!

5. Once after I had a miscarriage, in the winter, with snow on the ground...my son found a perfect yellow rose (my favorite) growing through the snow, in my yard. I almost dug that out, and thought it was dead...of course it was the most beautiful gift from my Abba. Some friends were at my house when it happened..and we all stared at it with our mouths hanging open. It was an incredible hug!

6. Of course disobedience is a factor at times, and I do know that no one can put a whoopin' on me like my Abba. And I deserved each one...but HE always reconciles, and definitely makes HIS point.

7. The most beautiful smile is HIS...sensing HIS approval, and loving shadow fall around me. Don't forget the kisses...sunsets and rises over the bay or lake or ocean...just the very best!!!

Now that I have showed you how very much this Princess loves her Daddy (Abba)....rejoice with me that HE is still freeing prisoners, and still being a Father to the Fatherless. **I think I have the best Dad!**;)

09 July 2007

Diggin' on Jesus (part 2 LOL)

Originally I was supposed to write my own thoughts, but I really loved Angela's and it never crossed my mind that I was to think on my own. It has been very hot here, and thinking is not my best quality when I am weary....

Here goes- 5 things I love about Jesus...

1. Jesus is always here when no one else can be found, and HE is great company, sense of humor, loving, and totally awesome! Can you imagine the compassion HE had when telling the disciples of how things would go, and then telling them...Take heart, I have overcome the world...I am with you always...I want to love like that, with tenderness and compassion for what others are feeling.

2. I love the way Jesus extended HIS hand to the woman who sat curled up in the corner of the temple, and told her "woman thou are loosed", I believe HE freed her from more than a physical problem...maybe something deeper that cause the problem...HIS love always looks beyond the surface...I want to love like that.

3. I love how Jesus did not laugh the boys of thunder out of town when they requested to sit at either side of HIM in HIS kingdom. HE has so much understanding in our totally foolish thinking and still loves...I want to love like that.

4. I love the way Jesus spoke to the woman caught in adultery...HE looked past the general consentious, and did not care to be politically correct...and gave her another chance.."Unlimited Do-overs"...I want to love like that.

5. Jesus loved HIS fathers will more than HIS own, and died for the unrighteous, to build a bridge for me and you to cross over. HE rose again so that maybe I can love like that.

Now you are all still tagged! I just didn't get it right the first time. hahaha Jesus is good to us, and I did need a laugh!

Just diggin' on Jesus

Five Things I Dig about Jesus

Angela tagged me with this list. So as I was thinking of five things I dig about Jesus, the thing that struck me the most was His great love for us. He is the truest picture of humility. He is what servant leadership looks like. So here is my list.

1-He participated in creation of all things. He was involved in the grand plan of things. Yet He Still put on the flesh and became like us in our fleshly bodies leaving heaven and His heavenly body. All because of His crazy love for us.I want to love like that.

2-He washed His disciples dusty, dirty, probably smelly feet. He knew of the upcoming betrayal of one of His followers yet He chose to humble Himself in service to Judas this way anyway.I want to love like that.

3-He healed 10 lepers knowing that all of them would go away without saying a word of thanks to Him for His miracle except for one. But He chose to do it anyway.I want to love like that.

4-At the wedding in Cana, of all the first miracles He could perform He turned water into wine. Even though it was before His time and eventhough it was for no real significant reason except to obey and please His mother, He turned the water into wine. He did this eventhough no one would know other than his mother and the servants at the wedding.I want to love like that.

5-He talked to the woman. You know that woman with the bad reputation. That Samaritian who now lived with a man and had many failed marriages. He knew the disciples would see this interaction but He did not mind.I want to love like that.

Now it is my turn to tag five so I tag Deborah, Teri, Susan, Faith, Jesus Girl. Have Fun!

07 July 2007

King or Genie?

It seems that we (and I include myself) forget that our God is righteous, Holy, pure, and loving. Dressed in Majesty, ruling not only the earth but the Heavens as well. We definitely have down the power that HE has, but seem to see HIM as a genie. How HIS heart must break when HE sees us totally blowing HIM off, and then asking HIM for miracles. As I pray to see things through HIS eyes, I am forced to look at my life first.

How would we respond to someone who only ever shows up to ask for money, or for us to help them out of rough spots? Knowing that the person will not even as much as talk to us otherwise? We would not respond well, we might even disregard that person. God doesn't do that, HE continues to sit beside us and wait for us to acknowledge HIM. I believe that HIS heart breaks that we forget HIM so quickly in our lives, and that we compromise our relationship with HIM for momentary pleasures of this world. As my reading is in Isaiah this week, the picture of my culture is on the pages...this is not ancient history, we are repeating it. If we were exiles like Daniel, or the others, which kind would we be. Would we be angry with the Lord for not sparing us when we thought we were believing, and deserving of life without suffering, or would we be more like Daniel and believe that we must continue to walk in HIS light, and bow hearts and bodies to our KING, believing we are exactly where HE wants us to be for HIS glory? I am praying that I would be more like Daniel...remembering that if God allows pain and suffering to come to me, HE will be glorified in it, and therefore I am blessed!

While looking over my past recently, I am so very thrilled at the picture of Love that Jesus has shown me! Not only did HE love me through it all, HE takes the bad and makes it good! Amazing how HIS heart just doesn't change. I saw a sign outside of a church recently that really spoke to me..."If you are feeling that God is far away, guess who moved?" God is good all the time, and HE never moves! Unshakeable!

So as we move into the weekend with all the pleasures this world offers, my goal is to just remember that HE is here, and not to be rude...talk to HIM, include HIM, and not entertain things that would cause HIM to sit outside to wait for me. HE is not a genie, HE is my KING, my best Friend, my Creator, and HE chooses to be with us.

Father forgive us for our ungrateful hearts, and change our hearts. Make us more like you, give us more of you and less of us. Help our unbelief, and remind us through the day of who we are in you, and who you are to us. Please don't let this world desensitize us. Give us great hunger for your Word. How rude we have been when haven't talk to you, and yet ask for so many things. We don't deserve You, You freely give yourself. I am honored that you call me child, and have given me a new name...Please help us to be aware of the snares that are around us and to stay on the path that you have laid out for us...we want to stay in your shadow...the only shadow that provides Light! Love you love you love you, your princess

04 July 2007

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD Almighty!

While thinking what will be written this time, all that filled my heart was this...Holy Holy Holy. The LORD has been walking me through a time of learning more about HIM, and teaching me to come to a new level of believing HIM. These are some of the things that I am learning.

Submission is not the dirty "S" word, it is not painful either. As a matter of fact, when submitting in the proper order, I come to know HIM more and love HIM more. HE has been teaching me to submit to HIM in things that just seem to be "crazy", and then the other places that I need to submit such as my husband, my Pastor, and godly counsel, are quite easy to do. HE knows that I have always had much trouble with authority as it has proved to be bad for me. So early morning lessons, and hands on activities with the LORD has been intense but extremely rewarding. Sooooo as submitting to the Lord and walking in faith not by sight has been required of me(for the last year).

Short version

About a year ago my heart was broken by someone very close to me, and I had to make an immediate choice...submit to the will of God and believe that nothing is out of HIS control, or walk away and break many hearts. The latter would have been my choice in the past. I did phone my friend and my Pastor who did encourage me to choose submission to God. Many were the advice of others to walk away. During my quiet time I cried to the LORD, and made the choice to follow HIM, even if HE slay me. ( I kind of felt dead already) The LORD spoke so very clearly to me that morning, "do not compromise ME, do not compromise other hearts". Submission, do things God's way. My heart healed in record time and everyone involved in my heart break has been brought closer to the LORD. It truly isn't about me, and it is all about HIM. How can I not forgive after all I have been forgiven? This was the first intense lesson of submission to the LORD.

Lesson #2

For about two years I have entertained a thought about driving a school bus...this thought has been absurd to me! But again the LORD nudged me and asked if I believe HIM and if I would be obedient. I tried to disregard this whole bus thing, as my head just being difficult, and that it is totally crazy! I cannot drive a bus, and my learning days are about in...things come a lot slower than they use to. I found myself applying for bus job, not knowing anything about how or what. They sent me to the class to learn the book end of things...and also the behind the wheel training....what a faith walk!! I was and still am holding on to HIM with both hands(realizing that is right where HE loves me to be). Everyday I got out of the bus and was elated with HIS presence, I know that HE was in that bus, and although there was an instructor, HE was teaching. I just passed my CDL knowledge tests, on the first try, four tests. Jesus definitely walked into the test with me, and I believe HE gave me all the answers. Although it has been stressful for me, it was silly to get all worked up, HE always has a plan and HE is always in control.

Don't know what HIS plan is, or why HE wants me to have this license to drive heavy equipment, the yellow bus does not match my color schemes very well. But I wouldn't have missed being with HIM for the world. This whole life is about relationship with Jesus, and the deeper I go, the more I understand David saying..."taste and see"...This last year I have seen the whole earth filled with HIS glory...and critical lessons of submission, making the right choice, and walking in faith as an honor and a gift from my KING to come closer to HIM. And the praise will flow from my lips, because I know HE is good, and I know HE is right here with me always, and I know HIS way is best! No one can love us like Jesus, No one can fill our needs like Jesus, every little thing we need, HE has it, and does not grow tired of us. HE is totally in love with us! Hard not to fall in love with HIM, huh?

02 July 2007

Testify to Deliverance

God is so incredibly good and I am always so taken by HIM in the way HE is so detailed, and stoops so low to deliver me. If there is a pit in the pit, I have been there. I lived a very abused life as a young girl that it was very natural to me. My father was an alocholic, and seemed to thrive on sadness, fear, and pain. He also seemed to have great joy when the rest of us were so far from it. My spiral began early in life that there was no hope for anything more than what I knew to be life.

At camp I met a man ( I was about 12) who told me HE knew God and knew that HE loved me, and wanted to be my Father. What a relief that was to me, and asked to know HIM too. I accepted Christ, and returned home, and was soon saddened by the fact that I was told, "you can not know God", and "stop being such a dreamer". My mother remarried and they took me to church and even made me learn scripture, as a chore to be able to go out on weekends. My hope was crushed and I didn't think much about God, except it was a nice religion.

I now walk with HIM daily, and I know God not all there is to know, but I know HIM. And like alot of others before me, I can not contain the good news and that it is free to everyone!

To make a very long story short; I got involved in drugs at 14 and in alcohol shortly after, met some very tough people who offered my security, and companionship. God no longer was even in my thought pattern at that time. After trying to commit suicide a couple times with not even as much as a hospital stay, I could not understand anything. I was starting to be convinced that if there were a God I was definitely cursed by HIM, to the point that I couldn't even die.

My first child was born to me single and her father killed himself when I was six months pregnant. I ran to a place along the river where I used to hide, and screamed at HIM..."If you are real, why are you not compassionate like I heard, and why would you leave this child without a daddy, and why must I continue to go through this life...why do you hate me so much!" Honestly I believe HE answered me that day, in a very serious voice..."that will be enough of addressing me like that!" I found myself in my car waking up, and no idea how long I was there or when I went there. But then HE spoke to my heart, and HE stooped into that pit and started to pull me out. HE had to teach me grace, I couldn't accept it because I didn't know what it was. He totally turned my world upside down the next few years, with my resistance out of ignorance. I tried to find someone to help me understand, to find a place to start in becoming a true disciple of Jesus. There were people along the way who were helpful, but mostly they couldn't understand the inner turmiol I was in, and the healing that needed to happen. God provided a trip for me to go to a seminar "Hearts set free". I never been to anything like that, and the first thing I saw was Beth Moore...and being a city girl, I liked her style, and she had my undivided attention. She has no idea how God used her to get me from one healing to another, and how she taught me through video how to use my Bible, and dig deep, and have my own Quiet time. Long before I knew she had an abusive past, I connected to her on the screen of my TV. How I thank God for sending her right to my living room, and for the way HE worked with me and then her video would confirm what I thought HE was telling me.

God has and is still stepping into the most vile of pits in all HIS holiness and picking up HIS children, and showing HIM self. HE is still taking hearts like mine that did not develope and making the new, and like HIS. I was the woman at the well. HE did give me living water. and now I am more like Mary who brought her alabaster box (filled with her treasure) to annoint the King with praise. ( I Love CeCe Winans song Alabaster box, just really sums it all up)

God is my awesome Warrior, my Deliverer, My constant Faithful friend, my security, and without HIS love, I would not know it. God is love, and people in the street need to hear that HE is real, and HE loves, and HE wants to change things. That Prostitutes can turn and get a new start, and there is hope for the hopeless. Thank you Jesus for being all this and so much more!

Princess L/Princess K

Princess L and her Knight