03 September 2007

movin' in w/hubs! LOL

It's about time huh? After living together for 15 years and being married for 11 years, we decided to combine efforts. Well livin together has not been enough...we decided to share a blog, and use it as something we can do together. You know the "family who plays together stays together"! And you thought it was only "prays together". :>) I haven't figured it all out yet, and as in everything else in my life..I am on a journey. So come check us out at http://4evrhis.wordpress.com/ and the new blog title is Overcomer. hope to get it working and see you all there soon. Love always, the Princess, and the worship leader


Lynn said...

I am contacting everyone on the Laced With Grace blogroll to say....

As a contributor to the Laced With Grace Devotional Site, I want thank you for your faithful readership. September is our one-year anniversary. We are please to announce we have a permanent new address. www.lacedwithgrace.com. Please change your link to include this new address.

Thank you. Lynn

Shelly said...

How precious! What a sweet idea. I love it :)

Little Steps Of Faith said...


Gods Gal said...

You guys are so fun! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with together....can we call him princess?????? LOL

Leah said...


My friend Cindy and I are registered for the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio next August. Can't wait to meet you!!

Will you still be blogging on Princess, Overcomer or do I need to change to the new blog completely?


Faith said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what you two have to say! :)

thouartloosed said...

This is true commitment to a man letting him into the blog domain! I'll be checking your new blog out.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-
I'll be stopping by yours often- I love it!

Anonymous said...

There is a ministry I really think you would enjoy hearing about - based on your blog.

It's called Princess With A Purpose. Check it out at www.princesswithapurpose.com.

BethAnne said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing how you and your husband co-blog (Is that a word? probably not). Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hopeyou will feel free to visit and comment often!

Princess L/Princess K

Princess L and her Knight